Unsafe, non-compliant and not fit for purpose

I thought we’d seen it all.

The crossing for pedestrians and cyclists of the down sliproad onto the A14 for south bound users in the northeast quadrant of the junction with the B1049 is pretty bad. I’ve posted before about it (click here) and although the southbound approach from Impington is not bad the waiting area at the junction is dreadful.

But if anything the crossing of the up sliproad from the A14 for northbound users in the northwest quadrant is probably worse. OK the initial fears that there would be a lights control post in the middle of the path as shown proved unfounded but we’ve still got the need for users to negotiate an immediate right angle turn into a path which is too narrow.

Neither crossing is safe, neither seems to meet the standards defined in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (click here) of which Highways England is an ‘overseeing organisation’ and neither is fit for purpose. This is already a busy cycle route. It’s far busier than the routes of the local access road which runs from Dry Drayton into Cambridge and of the A14 crossing at the Bar Hill junction both of which have benefited from substantial funding.

(Local Transport Note 2/208 (click here) is also relevant and there are specific comments in paragraphs 2.6.1, 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 which highlight the obvious deficiencies in the design of this junction)

Work is now ongoing to improve Histon Road and make it much safer for cyclists. And most of these cyclists will of course come down from Histon & Impington over the A14 which rather suggests that the above highlighted problems need to be fixed. Sadly it’s now going to cost a lot more than it would have done if more care had taken place during the main A14 build.

Getting the money to get the necessary changes done will therefore be a challenge but at least the projects to do so can be identified and added to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Transport Investment Plan. Officers have assured me that this will now be done. Then when the money is forthcoming the jobs can be done.

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